Kauri Matrix

Our school wide K.A.U.R.I. matrix which breaks down the expectations into expected behaviour in the different areas of Mercury Bay Area School.

School Wide
Learning Areas
Bus/Bus stop
School Trip
Office areas

Be courteous and inclusive.

Be friendly.

Be kind.

Be helpful.

Be courteous.

Keep hands, feet and objects to yourself.

Enter and leave the classrooms appropriately.

Keep hands, feet objects to yourself.


Awareness of others space.

Encourage others.

Courteous at all times.

Keep hands and feet to yourself.

Line up.

Allow younger students on first.

Wait your turn.

Be courteous.

Line up.

Show appreciation.

Active listening.

Be polite and kind to one another.

Knock before you enter a room.

Wait patiently.

Use manners.


Know how to be an active learner.

Engage in your learning.

Formulate and realise individual and group goals.

Be ready to learn.


Be a reflective learner.

Accept learning challenges.

Co-operative and inclusive play.

Interact appropriately – sharing, turn taking.

Be a positive role model.

Be safe.

Make healthy choices.

Being proud, standing tall and being receptive of praise.

Applauding achievement.

Bring new learning back to school.

Adhere to expectations and procedures.


Be part of a team.

Work co- operatively.

Positive relationships.

Include everyone.

Contribute appropriately.

Listen actively.

Recognise different view points.

Fair play.

Sharing with other people.

Wait for bus at appointed place.

Wear correct school uniform.

Be punctual.

Abide by the KAURI expectations.

Engagement in the assembly.

Wear correct school uniform.

Be inclusive.

Positive and courteous interactions.


Hats off inside all classes.

Shoes off inside Primary classes.

Value your environment.

Hats off inside.

Treat others as you want to be treated.

Value your environment.

Wear hats term 1 and 4.

Use equipment appropriately.

Rubbish in the bin.

Stay in your seat.

Abide by the bus code.

Abide by the driver’s expectations.

Rubbish in bins.

Appropriate language.

Be punctual and attentive.

Respect the National Anthem.

Wear correct uniform.

Rubbish in bins.

Inclusive and appropriate behaviour.

Use appropriate language, behaviour and protocol.


Be a positive role model.

Show integrity.

Be resourceful, reliant and resilient.

Be yourself.

Be confident.

Be a positive role model.

Be a team player.

Express yourself.

Active listening.

Wear correct school uniform.

Be proud to be in the MBAS community.

Demonstrate positive behaviour.

Be proud of yourself and others.

Being recognised and being proud to be in the MBAS community.

Wear correct school uniform.

Be proud to be in the MBAS community.


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