Mercury Bay Area School is guided by a wide range of policies which cover all aspects of the organisation.

The polices are reviewed and ratified by the Board of Trustees on a rotational triennial basis. These policies conform to the National Administrative Guidelines (NAGs) as published by the New Zealand Ministry of Education. These Guidelines for school administration set out statements of desirable principles of conduct or administration for specified personnel or bodies. Please see below for specific policies.

NAG 1 Curriculum Requirements

1.1 International Students
1.1a International Students Accommodation
1.1b International Students Group Students
1.1c International Students Medical and Travel Insurance
1.1d International Students Fee Refunds Policy
1.2 Assessment
1.3 Curriculum
1.4 Curriculum Delivery
1.4a Primary Curriculum Delivery
1.5 Special Needs - for students with learning/or behavioural difficulties
1.6 Gifted and Talented Students
1.7 Achievement Levels of Maori Students
1.8 Maori Dimension in School Activities
1.8b Tikanga
1.8c Whanau Support Ropu
1.10 Education Outside the Classroom
1.11 Sport
1.12 Careers Guidance
1.13 Complaints, with Appendix 1/2 and Appendix 3
1.15 Non English Speaking Backgrounds (NESB) Students
1.16 STAR
1.17 Student on Work Based Learning
1.18 Gateway

folder NAG 1 Document Downloads

NAG 2 Documents and Self Review

2.1 Strategic Planning
2.2 Self Review
2.3 Reporting on Student Progress and Achievement
2.4 Treaty of Waitangi
2.5 Professional Learning
2.6 Community Consultation

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NAG 3 Employee Responsibilities

3.1 Equal Employment Opportunities
3.2 Appointments
3.3 Staff Performance
3.4 Collaborative Management Structure
3.5 Leave Without Pay
3.6 Appraisal
3.7 The Timetable
3.8 Staff Conflict Resolution & Staff Conflict Resolution Flowchart/Complaint Form

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NAG 4 Financial & Property Management

4.1 Financial Control and Management
4.1a Theft and Fraud Prevention
4.2 Safe Work Environment

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NAG 5 Health & Safety

5.1 Nutrition
5.2 Sun Safe
5.3 Cybersafety
5.4 Sexual and Physical Abuse of Students
5.4a Abuse of Students
5.4b Abuse of Students
5.5 Student Welfare- Search and Seizure
  Rock Climbing Wall Protocol

  folder NAG 5 Document Downloads

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