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2020 Programme & Pathways Guide

Menu of subjects for 2020

Year 11

Students will study EnglishMathematics and are encouraged to study a Science based subject plus three other courses chosen from the following options:

Qualifications at NCEA Level 1 will be available for all courses of study.


Year 12

Students are encouraged to study English and five other courses from the following options:

The following points should be noted:

  • It may be possible to take a combination of Y11 and Y12 courses if a full Y12 programme of study is not suitable.
  • Students may only take Outdoor Education or Physical Education.
  • Students intending to go onto Tertiary Education in the future, which requires University Entrance, should take Y12 English in order to meet the Level 2 Literacy component of this qualification.


Year 13

Students will study a minimum of five courses chosen from the following options:

The following points should be noted:

  • It may be possible to take a combination of Y11, Y12 and Y13 options if a full Y13 programme of study is unsuitable.

School and Subject Fees

School donatin and subject recovery fees are set at the beginning of each academic year and can be paid in a variety of ways. Please contact our school Financial Administrator, Diane Blofield on 07 8665916 for further information. Please see International Students Fees for information about additional costs for international students.

Assessment Procedures

The main purpose of school-based assessment is to improve student’s learning and the quality of learning programmes by providing feedback to students about their progress with learning and, diagnostic evidence about learning for teachers. This process should be evident in teaching and learning programmes.

Assessment data will also be used to fulfil the statutory obligation to report on student progress to the school community in line with the school reporting policy.

In the senior years (Y11-13) assessment data will:
• Provide NZQA with information on students’ achievements for their record of learning and other national qualifications.
• Provide future education or training providers and employers with information on students’ achievements.

Please find information on our assessment procedures in the document below.

  document Assessment Procedures (37 KB)

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