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The vision is to promote young people who will be confident, connected, actively involved, lifelong learners.

We intend to do this by delivering a course which uses thought provoking briefs. These are based on real life scenarios which develop independent work ethics and promote individual thinking, learning and achievement. The aim is for students to develop a broad technological literacy that will equip them to participate in society as informed citizens and give them access to technology related careers.

We aim to develop, within our students, a solid foundational knowledge of formal drawing, informal drawing and presentation techniques so that students can apply this knowledge to the areas of spatial design and product design. We also aim to develop an understanding of the language of design to enable effective communication of ideas in career and occupational settings.

Design and Visual Communication is part of technology learning that has a pathway through to tertiary institutions. The ability to communicate ideas in a visual manner is an important life skill and essential for effective communication in a high-tech society. It involves developing knowledge, skills and the ability to think and work independently. The ability to do this is invaluable in numerous occupations and tertiary settings.

Design and Visual Communication Year 9 Introductory Course

The broad area of study at this level includes an introduction to design, formal drawing systems and informal drawing techniques. It is a taster course designed to encourage Design and Visual Communication as a future option choice. It comprises 3 periods a week in a 10 week rotation. Recoveries $15.00.

Design and Visual Communication Year 10 Developmental Course

The area of study at this level includes broadening the skills and knowledge that underpin design and both formal and informal drawings systems and techniques. The programme of work uses design briefs based on realistic and thought-provoking scenarios. These are intended to encourage and challenge students to achieve their best. The course encourages students to seek individual, innovative solutions using visual literacy skills to record and communicate thinking in a variety of ways. It comprises 3 periods a week and is available as a full year option. Recoveries $20.00.


Year 11 Design and Visual Communication NCEA Level 1

Year 12 Design and Visual Communication NCEA Level 2

Year 13 Design and Visual Communication NCEA Level 3


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