Computing & Game Development

Computing Year 9

Comprising of 3 periods a week in a 10 week rotation.

  • Game development and programming introduction using Scratch
  • Online safety and cyber-bullying
  • Image creation and image processing using Pixel Art
  • Introduction to basic electronic circuits using bread boards
  • Basic keyboarding concepts and skills

Computing Year 10

Comprising of three periods a week and chosen as an option. Y10 Computing is based around the theme of game design and development. This theme is used to integrate a range of Digital Technology areas into our course while providing a structure for the learning.

Students begin by creating a graphic image to demonstrate their inventiveness and creativity. Students also produce a curriculum vitae. Together these are used to get the dream job at the imaginary game studio.Once at the game studio, students create templates for company documents and business cards, they create budgets and plan projects using spreadsheets, they complete online questionnaires and analyse the results.They create animated avatars of themselves for the marketing department.

They create graphical media for their games and then the game itself. With their target audience they test and refine these games.They create advertising and CD covers to market their product. They then create websites and a short video trailer to promote the game. Along the way students learn file management, typing skills, effective and efficient research skills using the internet, computer maintenance and support and how to access and use open source media content.

Once the game is completed the company is looking to expand into an electronic toy and students will learn electronics, how to solder and program Picaxe chips to make simple robot bugs as a prototype for this toy. Students also learn the python programming language and create a text based adventure game as a prototype for the company’s next release.

Senior Years: Game Development

Senior Years: Digital Technologies 

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