Social Studies

A course in Social Studies is a core part of the learning programme for years 1-10.

Social Studies is about how societies work and how people can participate as active, informed and responsible citizens. Contexts to develop these enduring understandings are drawn from the past, present and future, and may be set in New Zealand or beyond our nation.

Social Studies Year 1-8

In years one to eight students will develop social science concepts, knowledge and skills so they are equipped to participate in and contribute to their own society and the wider world. Students are encouraged to ask questions, explore, consider decisions, reflect and evaluate the conceptual understandings they develop through a range of authentic contexts. These conceptual understandings cover aspects of the four social science strands: The Economic World; Continuity and Change; Identity, Culture and Organisation; and Place and Environment. Social science is integrated with other areas of the curriculum when relevant.

Social Studies Year 9 & 10

Social Studies at years nine and ten is taught as a stand-alone subject. Whenever possible, contexts and themes from other subjects are aligned so that appropriate skills and conceptual understandings are able to be better developed. Students will develop the knowledge and skills to enable them to participate in and to better understand the local, national and global communities in which they live and work. Students are encouraged to engage critically with societal issues and evaluate the sustainability of alternative social, political, economic and environmental practices. They develop an understanding about the function, structure and organisation of societies along with an appreciation of differing values, viewpoints and perspectives using a wide range of contexts from the past, present and future from both New Zealand and beyond. These conceptual understandings cover aspects of four major Social Studies strands: The Economic World; Continuity and Change; Identity, Culture and Organisation; and Place and Environment.

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