The branch of agriculture that deals with the art, science, technology, and business of vegetable garden plant growing.

Horticulture Year 10 (Option)

This is a course of both practical and academic components and will lead into NCEA Level 1 Horticulture as well as supporting NCEA Level 1 Science. Students undertaking this course may well be looking at viticulture, horticulture or agriculture careers. The main things covered in this course include:

  • practical skills and growing plants
  • plant parts and functions
  • properties and management of soils
  • planting and caring for a vegetable garden.

Year 11 Horticulture NCEA Level 1

This is a mixed course of both practical and theory components comprising of Achievement and Unit Standards. All of the standards are assessed internally. This course can be tailored to meet individual students interests. This is an applied science course that covers:

  • practical skills and knowledge in horticulture production
  • propagation of plants from seeds
  • primary production in New Zealand.

Year 12 Horticulture NCEA Level 2

Horticulture at Level 2 adopts a practical, production-focused approach, involving students in problem solving and the use of appropriate management practices. The programme is based around realistic and practical contexts. Students will gain valuable lifelong skills, as well as NCEA credits. Assessment will be tailored to meet the needs of the students selecting the course and could range from a number of both academic and practical based Achievement and Unit Standards. Students need to be motivated to get their hands dirty and work hard physically. This is an applied science course that covers:

  • practical skills and knowledge in horticulture production
  • planting and caring for trees, shrubs and climbing plantsare assessed internally
  • maintaining and servicing small engines.

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