Physical Education

Physical Education

In Physical Education the focus is on the wellbeing of the students themselves, of other people and of society through learning in movement concepts.

Physical Education Primary Years

The focus for Physical Education in the Primary Years is on developing positive attitudes towards physical activity and learning and developing a wide range of motor skills. The programme is delivered by the classroom teacher and enriched by outside competitions and events.

Physical Education Year 7 & 8

Physical Education is taught by the classroom teacher as part of the learning programme during the year. In Y7 & 8 the focus is on developing movement skills, co-operation, teamwork and leadership concepts and how their attitude to these impacts on themselves as individuals and members of our society.

Physical Education Year 9 & 10

In Y9 and Y10 the focus is on movement and its contribution to the development of individuals and communities. We look at developing movement skills, the ability to strategise in game situations, co-operation, teamwork and leadership skills, fitness concepts and an overall understanding of total wellbeing through a movement programme.

Sports Academy

Students who choose the Sports Academy must be motivated athletes that have a genuine desire to perform sport at a high level. The focus will be on improving levels of fitness, skill, commitment and physical and mental toughness within the individual athlete. There will be new opportunities to listen and learn from specialists in areas such as fitness and training techniques, sports nutrition, sports psychology and code specific skills. There is an expectation that students who are selected for the sports academy must show a positive attitude in all areas of their learning. 

Year 11 Physical Education NCEA Level 1

This course is intended for students who have an excellent attitude towards practical physical education and a keen interest in learning the theory concepts of how to improve in sport, how the body works and personal well-being. The course is 100% internally assessed. Students will be involved in a performance improvement programme for badminton and 3 versus 3 basketball as well as individual sports, team sports and fitness, and their relationship to interpersonal skills and well being.

Students must choose between Physical Education and Outdoor Education. You cannot do both. 

Year 12 Physical Education NCEA Level 2

This course is intended for students who have coped well with the NCEA Level 1 course and who may wish to take Physical Education at Level 3. This course expands on practical and theory components explored at Level 1. It challenges students to perform at a higher level in the practical areas as well as develop a more in-depth understanding of theory concepts. This course is 100% internally assessed. This subject will cover volleyball, turbo touch, fitness concepts and a range of sports/games to enhance leadership, interpersonal skills and well being.

Year 13 Physical Education NCEA Level 3

This course is intended for students who may wish to study sports science at a tertiary level and/or vocations such as physiotherapy and nursing and for students who have a keen interest in the science of sports training and skill enhancement development. This course also looks at topical issues within sport, recreation and society. This course is 100% internally assessed.

Year 13 Applied Physical Education NCEA Level 3

This course has been designed for students who enjoy physical education with a focus on the practical component. It is an alternative course to the NCEA Level 2 and NCEA Level 3 Achievement Standards based course which can prepare students to go on to tertiary study. This course will look at skill development in individual and team games as well as how to design and implement a sports specific training programme.

Prerequisite: Entry is with approval of the Curriculum Leader, Physical Education

Important: You cannot take Year 12 or Year 13 Physical Education if you choose this course.

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