Outdoor Education

Outdoor Education

For students who have an interest in the outdoors and who are enthusiastic about the activities that can take place in the outdoor environment.

Year 11 Outdoor Education NCEA Level 1

The course requires a high level of motivation and commitment to the theoretical and the practical components of Outdoor Education. There is a large practical component to the course including some out of school trips. The benefits to the students will be the learning of new skills, appreciation and care of the environment, increased self-awareness and self-management, the development of relationships with others and a lot of enjoyment. The course is 100% internally assessed.

Prerequisite: Entry is with approval of the Curriculum Leader: Outdoor Education Recoveries: $250 Important:

Students must pick between Physical Education and Outdoor Education. You cannot do both.

Year 12 Outdoor Education NCEA Level 2

This course is open to Year 12 or 13 students with a passion for the outdoors and a willingness to challenge themselves in exciting outdoor environments. There are demanding theory and practical components to the course and students must be willing to complete both these aspects to succeed. Critical thinking, skill development, risk management and environmental awareness will be a focus. Several camps will be scheduled throughout the year in which assessments will take place. The course is 100% internally assessed.

Prerequisite: Entry to the course is with the approval of the Curriculum Leader: Outdoor Education. Students must be willing to give new things a try and be able to swim competently. Recoveries: $700 (includes camp costs).

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