Student Welfare & Health

The health and well being of our students is important to all of us and at the Rangimarie Centre you will find a range of staff who can offer additional, specialist support to that of the I-Time teachers, Deans and senior staff.

The staff are available at various times listed below. Additionally, a dental team provide regular sessions and check ups.

Pastoral Care

There is a clearly defined guidance network in the school. This is centered on our class and I-Time teachers, our Deans, our Assistant Principals (Primary, Middle and Senior Years) and our Deputy Principals (Primary, Middle and Senior Years) as well as our Principal. The Class Teachers for Years 1-6 students and I-Time teachers for Y7-13 students are usually the first people to consult if your child is experiencing difficulties. We have a School Counsellor, School Health Nurse, Attendance Officer, RTLB (Resource Teacher:Learning and Behaviour), Medical Practitioner and School Chaplain who are also part of our team. Our school staff including the Principal are always available to help students.

Dental Team

MBAS Dental Service is delivered to students in year 1-8 in a Mobile Dental Unit staffed by Christine Duff, Dental Therapist and Lee Sayers, Dental Assistant. The mobile covers schools between Opoutere and Mercury Bay. The Dental Clinic has new hours of operation: Monday to Friday from 8.00am – 4.20pm and they will be taking every second Friday off starting on the 7th of February.

Students in years 9-13 can access free dental services at Lumino Dentists in Whitianga.

Dental Therapist, WDHB

Christine Duff Phone: (021) 356 292

Families can still leave messages on the above mobile numbers on the days they are not operating and will be contacted the following Monday.


Ian Nicolson Tuesday - Friday

Make an appointment through your Dean or on a walk-in basis. I am available for all students and their whanau as well as staff.


Dr Jennie Hemmes Monday 9.00-9.30am walk-in service


Margaret Briggs Tuesday 11am-2.00pm
Walk-in service Y9-13 students can self refer


Ange Gregory Tuesday 10.00am-2.00pm walk-in service

Cyber Safety

We have a number of protocols in place at MBAS to ensure digital security for our school community.

We also encourage parents and young people to consider how they can keep themselves safe while online. During the year we offer workshop opportunities to hear from professionals about current thinking. We will include any useful resources and materials in this area of our website.

Resources available from School Counsellor - issued on a library system

  • DVD: At a Distance; Standing up to Cyber Bullying. More suitable to Primary Years students.
  • DVD: Lets' Fight it Together. What we can all do to prevent cyber bullying. Suitable for Y8-12 and includes lesson plans.
  • Also available: Information sheet re text and cyber harassment; Information sheet re helpful websites and Information sheet re keeping kids safe in cyberspace.
  • Please note that students watch both the above DVDs as part of their computing curriculum.

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