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Travel by school bus is provided for students Years 9-13 and students from year one to year eight who live in our contributing area.

The Ministry of Educations states children are eligible if in Years one to eight and live more than 3.2km from their nearest appropriate school, for students in Year 9 or above they need to live more than 4.8km from their nearest appropriate school. There is no age stipulation; it is based on year level only. To retain eligibility, students must use the bus regularly as transport to and from our school.

Any student who misbehaves on a school bus can be banned from travelling on the bus.

Please see the school office for the current routes and timings as 2024 timetable is currently being updated by GoBus.


House points after the Year 3-6 Swimming.

Buffalo 1380 points


Tainui 1408 points


Mercury 1621 points


Matahaorua 962 points