International Enrolment Procedure

We welcome international student enrolments to our school.

Please read the following and download the relevant forms:

  1. Student sends a completed and signed International Student Application and Contract for Enrolment form to MBAS by email.
  2. MBAS reviews the application and sends a Conditional Offer of Place.  If the application is unsuccessful, the student will be advised.
  3. After carefully reading all the MBAS information booklet (below), the student and parents/legal guardian pay the invoice.
  4. MBAS sends a Confirmed Offer of Place and receipt of payments to the student.
  5. The student applies for a student visa and then advises MBAS of the details of the flight he/she will arrive on. Details of transfer from the airport to the home-stay will be organised with the student.
  6. Students are provided with a full orientation programme on arrival.


 International Secondary Student Enrolment Forms

 International Primary Enrolment Forms

 Information Booklet for International Students

Marine Academy Enrolment Forms


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