International Enrolment Procedure

We welcome international student enrolments to our school.

Please read the following and download the relevant forms:

  1. Student sends a completed and signed Application for Enrolment to MBAS by fax or email.
  2. MBAS reviews the application and sends Conditional Offer of Place, a Tuition Agreement, an Information Booklet, an MBAS Enrolment Form, a Homestay Application Form and an invoice. If the application is unsuccessful, the student will be advised.
  3. After carefully reading all the information provided by MBAS, the student and parents/legal guardian complete and sign the Tuition Agreement and Homestay Application Form return them to MBAS along with the completed MBAS Enrolment Form and the invoiced fees. The student and parents must keep a copy of the signed Tuition Agreement.
  4. MBAS sends a Confirmed Offer of Place and receipt of payments to the student.
  5. The student applies for a student visa and then advises MBAS of the details of the flight he/she will arrive on. Details of transfer from the airport to the home-stay will be organised with the student.
  6. Students are provided with a full orientation programme on arrival.

International Student Enrolment Forms

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