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Learning organisation



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3.7 Learning Organisation Signed 161220.pdf

The structure of our school’s Learning Organisation is to be developed annually to reflect how our school meets and offers the New Zealand Curriculum (Key Competencies, Learning Areas etc), meets the learning needs and provides for the learning and academic pathways of all of our students and to utilise our available staffing and physical resources. 

We need to ensure we establish equity in teaching load to ensure compliance with current collective employment agreements within the constraints operating in our school. The Area Schools Teachers’ Collective Agreement (ASTCA 2016) sets out particular requirements for non-contact hours and other considerations that are to be incorporated into our school’s Learning Organisation structure.

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NAG 3 Policy 3.1 Equal Employment Opportunity 280717.pdf

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3.2 Appointments 19.9.17.pdf

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NAG 3 Policy 3.5 Leave Without Pay 280717.pdf

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3.9 Code of Conduct Aug 2016.pdf

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