Thames Valley Swimming Results - Primary

Below are our results from the Thames Valley Primary Swimming competition for our Peninsula Cluster Team. This includes students from our local schools who are part of the Peninsula Cluster Team.

Well done to all competitors - some fantastic results. Overall Peninsula Cluster Team were 4th.

Thames Valley Primary Swimming Results 2017    
Name Discipline Result
Aimee Burton 100IM 2nd
Sophia Barakat Adlam 100IM 9th
Sebastian Ross 100IM 2nd
Dylan Green 25m Breast 2nd
Jazlyn Sloan 25m Breast 6th
Cory Farrell 25m Breast 4th
Sally Mills 25m Breast 7th
Petra Campbell 25m Breast 9th
Kevin Zhu 25m Breast 7th
Sebastian Ross 25m Breast 1st
Dylan Fitzsimons 25m Breast 5th
Genesis Wooton-Tilsley 25m Breast 6th
Poppy Richmond 25m Breast 10th
Meg Hoyland 100m Breast 4th
Aimee Burton 100m Breast 2nd
Sophia Barakat-Adlam 100m Breast 5th
Brynn George 100m Breast 5th
Marco Bayliss 100m Breast 4th
James Smith 100m Breast 6th
Chelsea Springer 25m Back 4th
Briar Somers 25m Back 7th
Sora Mayo 25m Back 3rd
Marlon Ross 25m Back 6th
Kevin Zhu 25m Back 9th
Jemma Mills 25m Back 1st
Jack Williams 25m Back 4th
Trinity Holmes 25m Back 8th
Jazlyn Sloan 25m Back 9th
Adam Clague 25m Back 1st
James Smith 25m Back 2nd
Jac Forsyth 25m Back 6th
Meg Hoyland 100m Back 5th
Roimata Hale 100m Back 8th
Aimee Burton 100m Back 2nd
Milly Lamason 100m Back 10th
Sebastion Ross 100m Back 3rd
Dylan Fitzsimons 100m Back 5th
Chelsea Springer 25m Free 6th
Briar Somers 25m Free 9th
Jay Lorimer 25m Free 4th
Genesis Wooton-Tilsley 25m Free 7th
Pete Callesen 25m Free 10th
Sally Mills 25m Free 3rd
Dylan Green 25m Free 5th
Taylor Wolburg 25m Free 6th
Jazlyn Sloan 25m Free 12th
Trinity Holmes 25m Free 14th
Maximus Davenhill 25m Free 6th
Awa Illingworth 25m Free 10th
Rico Simpson 25m Free 2nd
Poppy Richmond 25m Free 6th
Jac Forsyth 25m Free 1st
Meg Hoyland 100m Free 2nd
Macy Costello 100m Free 3rd
Mark Johnston 100m Free 9th
Josh Markowski 100m Free 11th
Aimee Burton 100m Free 2nd
Milly Lamason 100m Free 12th
Dylan Fitzsimons 100m Free 6th
Sebastion Ross 100m Free 7th
Paige Hayward 50 Breast 10th
Leah Farrell 50 Breast 8th
Meg Hoyland 50 Breast 6th
Mark Johnston 50 Breast 5th
Sophia Barakat-Adlam 50 Breast 4th
Milly Lamason 50 Breast 8th
Dylan Green 50 Breast 4th
Cory Farrell 50 Breast 5th
Aimee Burton 50 Breast 1st
Alexandra Litherland 50 Breast 7th
Marco Bayliss 50 Breast 3rd
James Smith 50 Breast 6th
Meg Hoyland 25 Fly 1st
Aimee Burton 25 Fly 6th
Milly Lamason 25 Fly 11th
Sebastian Ross 25 Fly 3rd
Dylan Fitzsimons 25 Fly 6th
Ella Edkins 25 Fly 6th
Elizabeth Thompson 50 Back 6th
Leon Melde 50 Back 5th
Macy Costello 50 Back 4th
Josh Markowski 50 Back 6th
Milly Lamason 50 Back 7th
Aimee Burton 50 Back 2nd
Sophia Barakat-Adlam 50 Back 9th
Jack Williams 50 Back 6th
Brodie Springer 50 Back 7th
Sebastion Ross 50 Back 2nd
Dylan Fitzsimons 50 Back 3rd
Paige Hayward 50 Free 10th
Rita Robinson 50 Free 11th
Leon Melde 50 Free 4th
Brynn George 50 Free 11th
Meg Hoyland 50 Free 3rd
Macy Costello 50 Free 6th
Mark Johnston 50 Free 12th
Kevin Zhu 50 Free 13th
Sophia Barakat-Adlam 50 Free 9th
Milly Lamason 50 Free 10th
Dylan Green 50 Free 6th
Thomas Walker 50 Free 7th
Aimee Burton 50 Free 3rd
Sebastian Ross 50 Free 2nd
Dylan Fitzsimons 50 Free 7th
Junior Girls 3rd  
Junior Boys 5th  
Senior Girls 5th  
Senior Boys 3rd  

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