Middle Years Goal Setting / Interview Day - 9th May

On Wednesday the 9th May (week 2, term 2) Middle Years teachers will be holding parent/ student/teacher goal setting conversations based on our Middle Years vision. We invite you to fill in your impressions of your child, in relation to the MY profile (https://mbas.ac.nz/document-resources/years/middle-years-7-10/648-parents-my-profile-march-2018/file) before you come to the meeting. Your Child and their learning coach/ home room teacher will also be filling in the profile from their perspectives. The point of the meeting is for all three parties (student, parent, teacher) to talk together about their different perspectives and to identify important learning goals for your child, for the rest of the year in relation to the Middle Years profile.

We would like to give significant time to these three way conversations and have decided that there will be no classes for Middle Years students on Wednesday 9th May so that the Learning Coaches are free during the day for these conversations. We are encouraging you to keep them at home on Wednesday 9th and to just bring them to school with you for your scheduled meeting.

We realise that for some families this may not be practical and we are organising a special learning programme for the day for those students who need to be at school. To enable us to plan this programme we need to know how many Y7-10 students will be at school that day. We also need to know how many parents will be taking up this opportunity for the three way goal setting conversations between the student, parent/caregiver, and the Learning Coach.

Please book your meeting time as soon as possible using the on-line booking system ( https://parentinterviews.co.nz/ booking code E6GDT7MA) Also, please return hard copy of the attached form to school as soon as possible.

<First Name> <Last Name> <Class>

---- My child will not be attending school on Wednesday 9th May

---- My child will be attending school on Wednesday 9th May

---- I have booked a meeting time.

---- I have not booked a meeting time because I am unavailable on Wednesday 9th.

---- I do not wish to meet.

Signature ____________________________________________

pdf Parents MY Profile March 2018 (68 KB)

MBAS Newsletter, Term 2, Week 1, 4th May 2018
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