A note to you from Constable Catherine Sell, School Community Officer, New Zealand Police.

I would like to include a brief message in your school newsletter each month.  I will include useful links to information that I come across in my work role, and keep you up to date with issues that I see within our school community.

By now your gorgeous children will have settled into their new school year and routine is returning to your homes.

Road safety is hugely important all year round, and throughout February I am getting School Traffic Safety Teams and Bus Monitors trained.  The voluntary work that these students do to get pedestrians across crossings safely before and after school is appreciated, especially when it’s hot, raining and windy – and that’s often at the same time in our lovely climate! If your school doesn’t have monitored crossings, please go over the basic safety rules with your children, particularly the young ones. Some examples are:

·         When crossing a road, Stop, Look, Listen and Link.

·         When travelling in a car, everyone must wear a seatbelt. Make it Click.

·         If travelling by school bus, stay seated, keep the aisles clear, quiet talking is OK, and when you get off the bus wait until the bus has moved away before crossing the road.

Parents collecting your children off the bus, or from school, please try to park on the side of the road that your child will be leaving school or the bus.  Alternatively, walk to where your child will be so they can cross the road with you.

Drivers, please remember the speed limit passing a stationary school bus is 20kph.

Road Safety Is Everyone’s Responsibility

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Thursday, 12 December 2019

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