The First Van's RV12 Plane Project ZK-MBA

Our journey to build an aircraft started in 2012 when a conversation between Karlos Bosson (MBAS Y9 teacher) and local aircraft engineer, Jim Evans initiated the MBAS RV 12 project.

It ended on November 8 2013 when the completed aircraft took to the skies above Whitianga in front of local crowds and the TVNZ camera crew!

We have told the story of our project through weekly blogs which we have reproduced below as PDF files. It is a great story of vision, hard work, team work and a shining example of a school & community collaboration. Supported by Jim and a wide cast of adult mentors the technology staff and students meet every Wednesday after school in a workshop adjacent to the Whitianga airfield. Follow the progress from Week 1 and see the plane come to life and read about the new skills and knowledge the students are acquiring.

folder 2012 RV12 Project Logs folder 2013 RV12 Project Logs


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