Buses and Flooding Today

School is open! However due to flooding, particularly at Wade Road this morning there are a number of buses unable to make it to school. The Tairua, Mill Creek and 309 Buses have not been able to come through. We also have the Pumpkin Flat and Kuaotunu buses that have not been able to pick up this morning. Please keep an eye on this blog and our facebook page for further information.

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Tummy Bugs - please remember...

A note from the Primary School-
We have had lots of tummy bugs going around. Please remember that children should not return to school until at least 24hrs after the last bout of vomiting or diarrhea. Thank you!

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Fundraising for MBAS

Funzone Whitianga have an annual Easter Egg hunt and this year they have offered us the proceeds from the event. This is wonderful and we are grateful for this opportunity. So grab your families and pop down for some fun and games - maybe an easter egg or two!

image Fundraising - Easter Egg Hunt (183 KB)

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Break in last night

Last night we had a break in at school and 4 iMAC computers were stolen. These were destined to go to the Fiji relief container. Please if anyone has any information about the break in - approx. 1am last night - let the Whitianga Police know.

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Tsunami Evacuation - Postponed

Hi all, 

Just a note to let everyone know that the trial tsunami evacuation has been postponed today. It will be held next Wednesday, 9th of March.

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