Sports and Cultural photos timetable for Wednesday 31 August


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Youth Survey Invite

We are working with Te Korowai and are looking to gather some base line data (Y7-13 upwards) on the "real" issues. In the latest Mercury Bay Ward analysis of youth voice - drugs and alcohol use/abuse/etc was the highest rated concern of our rangatahi. 
We invite, staff, parents and students to complete the attached surveys.
Youth - Y7 upwards-

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Year 3-8 Cross Country - Permission slips needed!

Another beautiful day! Tomorrow is the year 3-8 cross country event. At this stage we are still missing quite a number of permission slips. We have around 400 children to organise and need to plan staff and activities depending on numbers. PLEASE fill out your permission slip online here - OR email your class teacher.
These need to be completed TODAY - there will be no late consents tomorrow. Students not running the cross country will stay at school and attend classes. Thank you in advance.

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Good morning! At the moment we seem to have a vomiting and diarrhea bug rampaging through the Primary school. Please - just a reminder that if your child is sick, that they should not return to school for at least 24 hours after the last episode of vomiting or diarrhea. We would really like to stop this in it's tracks. Thank you in advance.

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Careers Roadshow - CANCELLED

Our exhibitors are travelling through after 12 pm today which means they also may get stopped on the road due to predicted flooding with high tide at 12.00pm. They would probably get through after the tide falls, however if the predicted rain comes we also feel that we would not get the students and parents attending this evening. 
We hope you understand our situation. The Roadshow is cancelled for this year but we will organise another event in 2017. 
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